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Awareness Campaign
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The Brand: Reduced is a Denmark-based innovative food production company specializing in creating high-quality food products from excess produce. Inspired by the guiding principle of making taste from waste, their products convert unused food resources into sustainable condiments. 
The Ask: How do we foster ongoing purchases and brand loyalty for Reduced products, given the brand's limited presence in the condiments market?  

The Problem: Danish people don’t see food waste as their potential next meal. 

The Strategy: Reframe food scraps from waste to ingredients.

Insight: People feel guilty about wasting food. Really guilty.

With 2,000 tonnes of food waste being produced daily in Denmark, the food waste problem feels insurmountable. Reduced already did the hard work converting food waste, all we have to do is remind customers how close they are to making a difference.

Idea: Get closer to every ingredient’s worth.

Why it works: With Reduced food waste isn’t gross, it’s beautiful. This campaign zooms in on what matters; the ingredients. By focusing on underused consumer touchpoints authentic to the brand, Reduced confronts viewers when food waste is top-of-mind. It leverages unconventional ad space to maximize brand exposure (while being budget-friendly) and deeply aligns with their message of converting waste.
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Note: This was pitched to Reduced as a live client during a student competition at KEA University Copenhagen and was selected as the first-place project. (We won eternal glory + products & merch)


Justin Steen - Strategy

Justin Steen - Art Director

Caitlin Mahut & Justin Steen - Copywriter

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