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Product Launch
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The Brand: Nordgreen leads with Scandinavian design, aiming to grace wrists with modern, and environmentally mindful watches. Their products aspire to put respect and responsibility for the planet on as many wrists as possible.
The Ask: Create a product launch campaign for their new line of Solar watches: The Horizon and Urban.

The Problem: People don’t consider watches environmentally friendly. 

The Strategy: Make watches an empowering accessory that shapes your time.

Insight: People seek timepieces where materials reflect their values.

Eco-conscious consumers are drawn to purposeful fashion that emboldens a sense of responsibility, with 82% of shoppers seeking out brands with values that align with their own. Nordgreen needs to instantly show consumers they’re creating products that are physical manifestations of their values.

Idea: How you define your time defines who you are.

Why it works: Time is an enigma. But how people choose to spend their time tells us exactly who they are and what they care about. By displaying the power of consumer choices at the forefront of the campaign, it commands viewers to confront who they are. 
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Note: This was a live client and was part of a student competition at KEA University Copenhagen, where we won third place.


Justin Steen - Strategist

Caitlin Mahut - Copywriter

Caterina Viera - Art Director

Irina Coldfly - Art Director

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