Every smile matters.

Awareness Campaign
Macaulay Centres for Children
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Awareness Campaign
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The Brand: Macaulay Child Development Centre is a charity providing essential services to over 6000 children and 8000 parents and caregivers across Toronto. The program is committed to helping all children, irrespective of their circumstances or abilities, reach their full potential and thrive. 
The Ask: How do we increase brand awareness and donations?

The Problem: The value of a donation can’t be quantified.

The Strategy: Transform donations into human emotions.

Insight: Canadians want to see the impact their donation is making.

With 80% of Canadians over 35 contributing to charity at least once a year, Canadians clearly want to help. But donations seem small compared to the problem they're fighting. Let's show donors that every individual number matters, and even raising that number by one, one more smile, one more happy kid, is a worthwhile thing to do.

Idea: Every smile matters. 

Why it works: Donations don’t get lost in a money pit with Every Smile Matters. The odometer, direct mail cards and social campaign focus on human connection and instantly give donors the opportunity to become part of the solution. Donors see how their donations make a difference, one smile at a time.
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Note: This was a live client, and the work was selected by Macaulay for future use.


Justin Steen - Strategist

Jessie Cheung - Copywriter

Frances Bruce - Copywriter

Hibah Ahktar - Art Director

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