Your bad sleep is showing.

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Sleep Country
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Awareness Campaign
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The Brand: Sleep Country is a pioneer in the sleep business with a diverse brand and product portfolio. With 250 locations and three decades of experience; they’re Canada's authority on sleep.
The Ask: Establish Sleep Country as the go-to solution for poor-quality sleep among Canadians aged 35-60 who aren't prioritizing their sleep.

The Problem: People don’t acknowledge the effects inadequate sleep has on their lives. 

The Opportunity: Sleep Country can become the entrusted ally to help Canadians’ improve their sleep.

The Strategy: Show Canadians the familiar ways that poor-quality sleep can manifest in their daily routine.

Insight: People overlook how a bad night's sleep will impact their daily lives.

With only 16% of Canadians getting a restful sleep every night of the week—Canadians are exhausted. But despite our shared tiredness, sleep is consistently overlooked. We’re showing Canadians that the routine struggles accompanying daily fatigue are only one consultation away from being fixed.

Idea: Your bad sleep is showing.

Why it works: By revealing the hidden effects of inadequate sleep, the campaign aims to reshape perceptions and prompt Canadians to seek the expertise of Sleep Country's sleep specialists. Through strategic late-night social ads, out-of-home placements for tired commuters and a sleep confessional website, this campaign aims to jolt Canadians out of their drowsy everyday habits—so they get the rest they deserve.
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Justin Steen - Strategist

Jessie Cheung - Copywriter

Catilin Mahut - Copywriter

Jackson Greenwood - Art Director

Emily Thibault - Art Director

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